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Public folder permissions

What is the procedure for propagating permissions to all public folder subfolders in Exchange 2000?
Microsoft has incorporated some of the functionality of the Exchange 5.5 PFAdmin Resource Kit tool into the Exchange System Manager in Exchange 2000 and 2003. It is now possible to propagate settings directly on the folders themselves. The following is a process for propagating Client Permissions described in the Microsoft KB325744 at http://support.microsoft.com :

  • Start the Exchange System Manager
  • Right-click the top-level folder and then click Properties
  • Select the Permissions tab, and then click Client permissions.
  • After setting the permission you wish to propagate, click OK
  • Right-click the top-level folder again and click All Tasks
  • In the Propagate Folder Settings dialog box, click Folder rights

There are a number of other settings that can also be propagated as well. I would recommend that you create a few public folders without any content to get a feel for how propagation works before propagating settings on production folders. Propagated settings will overwrite all permissions in all subfolders.

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