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Pulling e-mail from backup transaction logs after Exchange crash

We have a customer whose Exchange Server crashed. Fortunately, I was able to restore from tape. However, I cannot get the e-mail from the time in between the last backup and the time in which the server was restored from backup. I have the transaction logs from the time period in question. Is there an easy way to pull the e-mail from the transaction logs? Forgive me! I'm a newbie in the Exchange world!
To replay your log files (so that the transactions within them can be committed to the database, you need to use a tool called ESEUTIL. However, this tool is not for mere mortals, let alone Exchange newbies, so I definitely and strongly recommend a call to Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) on this one. The call will cost a couple hundred dollars but it will definitely be worth it, as they can provide expert guidance and assistance throughout the remainder of the recovery process.

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