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Pushing out domain account information to all PCs

I need to install Dell's monitoring software -- OMCI -- on client computers. I have created MSI packages to deploy this using AD GPO.

This package requires a domain admin account to run as a service account. I have created an account for this, but my question to you is: How do I push this account information to reside on all the PCs in the domain? Thanks.

Answer: Restricted Groups to the rescue! The Restricted Groups feature allows you to push entries into whatever group you want. Simply drill down to:

Computer Configuration | Security Settings | Restricted Groups

Then, when prompted for which group to add, simply TYPE IN the name of the group you want to add. In this case, it's Administrators. Then, pick the Active Directory users you want to add, and add them to the Members of this group dialog. And, bang! Instant addition of user accounts to local administrator group.

Do note, however, that the Restricted Groups function is a "rip and replace" function -- meaning any administrators you have locally defined will be ripped out in lieu of what you put in this dialog box.

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