Random Win2k Pro machines booting with blank screens

Hi, I have a problem with Windows 2000 Pro. When I log on to a Windows NT 4.0 domain, the logon script runs, mapping our shared directories specified on each logon script, as well as our antivirus software (Trend Officescan), which is updated if needed. On random machines I get a blank screen with a mouse cursor. I can move the mouse cursor, but nothing else loads. The logon script does not seem to run when this happens either. Sometimes on restarting these machines work fine and other times they give me a blank screen again. This seems to happen more on certain machines than others. I have renamed a profile and created a new one. This works well for a while, then I'm back to the same problem. Sometimes it works when I logon with "last known good configuration." I do not use roaming profiles. Please help me!
I have heard of this problem before, and it seems to be prevalent in setups where there is a primary and backup domain controller. Apparently it has something to do with which BDC authenticates the user; when a user is authenticated by two servers, the logon scripts do not run. You can disable the Net Logon service on the BDC that appears to be causing the problem, but this is not a long-term solution. I'm still trying to find a long-term solution myself.

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