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Reapplying administrator settings to a new domain

When I started working at my current employer, they had Windows XP Pro machines for each of the 20 people working in our office. They were interconnected working on a workgroup. I then decided to acquire a server as a domain controller to run the company as a domain with Active Directory. The problem is that those 20 people logged onto their respective XP machines as the local machines' administrators. Now logging into the newly created domain, all their local machine (administrator) settings are lost, as XP creates a new profile for the user logging into the domain and not the local machine. Is there a way I can migrate the local machines (administrator) profile to match the domain logon profile for each user?
Copy their local profile to the network share hosting the roaming profiles. Define the correct path in each user account to their profile on the network share. Be sure the users are LOGGED OUT when attempting this action.

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