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Receiving Event ID 5007 error when message tracking is enabled

We use Exchange 2000. When we select "enable message tracking," we get the error below with Event ID 5007. We searched all over the Internet to get a proper explanation for the error, but failed. This error will be written to the event log every second until we disable the message tracking.

"An error occured during the message tracking decode operation.Function:ScSaveGatewayTrackingDataEx. <<0x80070005 - Access denied>>"

I would appreciate if you could help us resolve this. Thanks.
The error you are getting -- Access Denied -- indicates some sort of permissions problem. In Exchange 2000, the Exchange services (except perhaps for the Event Service) should run under the LocalSystem (a.k.a. system) account. So, the first thing to check is to make sure someone does not have the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant (the component responsible for message tracking processing) running under a different account. If it is running under a user account, you'll want to change it back to the LocalSystem and restart Exchange.

If you find, however, that the service is running under the LocalSystem account, then the next thing to check is file/folder permissions on the log files and the folder containing them. This will be the server.log folder, where "server" is the name of your Exchange server. Verify that the appropriate permissions to this folder (both NTFS and share-level) are correct and that the LocalSystem (system) has full control.

If this does not help, you might also try using FileMon, a free file monitoring utility from Wininternals.com that can help diagnose problems related to accessing a file in the file system, whether they are permission-related or otherwise.

One last thing to check is to use ADSIEdit and examine the value for the msExchDataPath attribute. "The system cannot find the path specified" Event ID 5007 message is logged by the Microsoft Exchange System attendant provides details on how to do this.

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