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Receiving error messages after SP4 rollback

I have a server running Windows 2000 SP4. The owner stated that he is having issues with SP4 and asked if we could rollback to SP3 for him. Upon doing so, on the reboot, it received a stop error. The message on the screen comes and goes quickly (I'm unable to read what it says) and then immediately reboots. I see something about a .dll. I tried repairing c:Winnt with the disk. I tried check disk. I tried repairing the boot sector with the disk. I even shut down and unplugged the server. Do you know what is causing this?
You could attempt a repair install or an upgrade install. However, without a complete system backup performed before the SP4 rollback or even better before SP4 was applied, there is no guarantee of being able to return the system to a functional state. You may be able to use the boot startup log to see what file the error occurs on, then use Recovery Console to replace the file. However, this is definitely a trial-and-error solution.

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