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Reclaim licenses and also reset the date so that my laptop doesn't expire

I have a Windows 2003 server. I use RDP to connect to the server remotely to administer it. Now, when I try and connect, I get the message:

"The remote session was disconnected because there are no Terminal Server client access licenses available for this computer. Please contact the server administrator."

I have looked on the server, and I can see that some other machines are allocated a license and that the license for my laptop expired a couple of days ago. I should also point out that I have not bought any TS licenses for Windows 2003 as I believe XP Pro already has a CAL that can be used with 2003 (Have I got that wrong?) Do you know how I can reclaim licenses and also reset the date so that my laptop doesn't expire? Thanks for all your help.
Because of the number of licensing-related questions here, I'm going to refer you also to the licensing white paper I just posted to http://www.termservhub.com/other_resources/definitive_qa.php. If you need further clarification after reading it, please write back, but answers to all your questions are there.

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