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Recovering a deleted mailbox

Do you know of any third-party tools for Exchange 2000 that can find deleted mailboxes? We have over 40 Exchange servers and then the Help Desk calls and says, "Oops, we deleted the wrong mailbox". They don't know which server they deleted it from. It's really difficult going through each storage group on each server to find that one mailbox. Any suggestions?
Mailboxes in Exchange 2000 are attributes of user accounts. You should enable auditing in your Active Directory and track all changes to the accounts. In the future, this will cause an event to be logged thus telling you what accounts have been changed (in this case, whose mailbox was just deleted). As for what to do now, I am not aware of any third-party tools that specifically have this feature, but that does not mean there are none. You might try perusing through the offerings here. Perhaps one of these vendors has a solution for you.

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