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Recovering an Exchange Server store after a dirty shutdown

A dirty shutdown of your Exchange Server can leave your store(s) in an inconsistent state. To fix this, you need to perform a recovery using ESEUTIL with the /r option.

An Exchange Server store was dismounted when a client rebooted the server manually. Now the store will not remount. I get an error that the tmp.mdb is not found. However, a temp.mdb does exist and tmp.mdb cannot be created -- otherwise the store appears intact. What could cause this? Is this error repairable?
Tmp.mdb is a temporary file that is deleted when all the stores are dismounted or the information store service is stopped -- in other words, a clean shutdown. What you experienced was a "dirty shutdown" that most likely left the store(s) in an inconsistent state.

To fix this, you will need to perform a recovery on the store using ESEUTIL with the /r option. This should bring it back to a consistent state.

Any time you run ESEUTIL on a store, it's a good idea to copy the store and transaction logs to an alternate location or take a backup of the file system. Then navigate to the storage group that the affected store belongs to, and from Properties -> General tab, note the "Log file prefix" -- E00 by default for the first storage group.

To start the recovery process, go to a command prompt and type: EXCHSRVRBINESEUTIL.EXE /r /l /s

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