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Recovering deleted Exchange public folder subfolders

Learn how to use the PFDavAdmin utility to recover deleted Exchange Server public folder subfolders.

We currently have Exchange Server public folders set up with Deleted Items being kept for seven days. All subfolders inherit these permissions from their parent folder. Domain administrators and Microsoft Exchange administrators are set as owners of every public folder, and therefore have full permissions to each folder.

A user in our organization deleted two subfolders by accident. She went to Tools -> Recover Deleted Items menu, and can see both of the subfolders she deleted. She received the normal permissions error upon trying to do this. As both a domain administrator and an Exchange administrator, I tried to do it from my Microsoft Outlook client, and received the same error.

It seems to be an issue of trying to recover an entire folder, not just a message, because when recovering a message by itself, it does not give this error. I have checked permissions on the entire Exchange public folder store, and everything seems to be in place for me to have this permission. Why am I unable to recover these deleted folders?

When recovery of deleted public folder items is failing, you can use the free PFDavAdmin utility.

If Deleted Items retention has been configured on the public store, you will see the deleted folders appear in red. Right click on the one you want to recover and choose the option to recover it.

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