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Redirecting and synchronizing Win2k server data

My Win2k server went in for repairs. Prior to this, my boss dumped and redirected the My Documents folders of network users to point to another server machine. The machine he dumped the data on is brand new and has no RAID set up on it. My boss has since left the job, and I'm supposed to deal with this matter. I need to know:


  1. When the old server comes back from the shop, how do I redirect and sync all data to where they were originally?


  2. How do I then set up a RAID on the new machine, make this machine the domain master and redirect all the My Documents and other folders on the network used by different departments to this machine, and then make the machine that was in the shop a backup server?
1. If your clients are on Windows 2000 and Window XP, then folder redirection is defined through a GPO. The setting is in the User Configuration, Windows Settings and Folder Redirection section.

As for synchronizing the data, you'll have to perform that task manually. The redirection process does not move data nor sync like offline files.

2. Your second issue is a complex one. I suggest hiring a local Win2k expert to assist you on site. If you must perform these tasks on your own without training, you can find instructions by searching on "RAID" and "dcpromo" at Microsoft's Win2k Web site.

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