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Relocating Outlook email messages on a hosted Exchange 2007 server

Learn how to ensure manageability of Outlook emails while maintaining access to them on a hosted Exchange 2007 server.

I've recently started using a hosted Exchange 2007 service for several laptops and personal digital assistants. Everything is working well, except that Outlook 2007 is grinding under the 2 GB .PST file that is synching with the server. Is it possible to remove mail items from Outlook but leave them on the Exchange server, in order to make Outlook more manageable, without losing access to those emails?
Assuming you are using cached Exchange mode to connect remotely to the Exchange Server, you should advise users to move as many messages as possible to sub-folders of the inbox. Relocating them from the root of the inbox will reduce the amount of time needed for Outlook to enumerate it whenever it is accessed. However, it's not possible to "remove" messages from the inbox and have them accessible, unless you purchase a third-party archival system such as GFI Mail Archiver, C2C Archive One or another solution.

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