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Remote access of Outlook shared folders through a VPN

I recently configured a VPN server with Win2k. I have DSL at home. When at home, I can connect to the VPN server and check my mail through Outlook, but I cannot access any shared folders. I have a SNAP server attached to a Windows NT4 domain. What do I have to do to be able to access these folders remotely?
I am not familiar with the SNAP server. If it is a member of the NT domain, then you should be sharing its resources just like any other NT resource. If not, you'll need some sort of gateway service. In any case, if you are really establishing a true VPN link from your home system to your office system, then you should have access to everything that is accessible from a locally LAN-connected client. I can only guess that maybe the SNAP server has a security restriction configured so that only local and not remote access can be used to request resource access.

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