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Remote-site workstations having difficulties logging in

I'm having a HUGE problem with three clients in our Windows 2003 Domain (upgraded from NT4). The client computers are all at different locations in the country. When they are logging in, it takes up to an hour loading their personal settings. If I try to log in with their accounts at the main office, where our DC's are located, it works fine. I can also log in with the domain admin account at their locations without a problem. What is causing this?
Do you have ICMP disabled on your border routers? Group Policy Objects use the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) to detect slow network links. Group Policy uses ICMP to detect slow network links. The remote-site workstations are having difficulties logging in because the GPO is attempting to transmit all GPO settings over the slow link rather than withholding scripts, Software Installation and Folder Redirection settings as is the default behavior over slow links. If your network configuration involves any hardware or software-based firewall solutions, you will need to enable ICMP packets between your controllers and clients.

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