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Remote user authentication problem for printer on Windows 2000 server

When I click from a Windows 98 PC on a Windows 2000 computer that shares a printer on my network, I get a prompt asking for a network password to connect to that resource (server$IPC). I know that it's a remote user authentication problem, but I've allowed the printer access to EVERYONE on the Windows 2000 server, so I expect a prompt asking the connection user/password. It happens with a Windows ME remote computer and not with a Windows 98 remote computer. Why?

When a Win9x computer asks for a password for serverIPC$, it's telling you that it was unable to negotiate access to the target server. IPC$ is the InterProcess Communication pipe used to establish secure channels between machines.

Add a user account to the target machine with the same name and password as you use on your machine. That will solve the problem.

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