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Remotely installing Windows 2000 Pro on 20 systems

I have 20 systems that should be remotely installed with Windows 2000 Professional simultaneously. I can't use RIS because the NIC does not support it. So I went for Sysprep, which I found very difficult to use since I have one CDROM and one Floppy Drive with me. Is there any other way I can install this? If so please help me. I cannot go and install it on each system by opening the cabinet since it takes lot of time.
There are a number of automated installation methods you can use besides (Remote Installation Services (RIS). You can still use an automated installation script, or a bootable CD-ROM. If you're using Sysprep in conjunction with a current version of Symantec Ghost, you can use an external USB drive as the a portable storage medium for you drive images. These drives come in a variety of sizes from 40 - 300GB, are relatively inexpensive, and are available through major drive manufacturers such as Maxtor.

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