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Remove Exchange 5.5 servers from a mixed mode Exchange environment

Migrating Exchange 5.5 servers from an Exchange mixed mode environment may require interorg migration tools and methods. Our expert suggests where to begin.

Exchange Server 5.5 and Exchange Server 2003 are running in mixed mode. One of our three Active Directory (AD) sites is in a separate forest and we would like to create a single forest to remove all of the Exchange 5.5 servers, which are only used for global address list (GAL) replications. How can we accomplish this?

We have a single Exchange organization and three AD sites connected through a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) cloud.

You'll want to use your favorite Internet search engine to search for "interorg Exchange migrations" or similar keywords. A number of Exchange administration tools exist on the market to assist you with what you're trying to achieve.

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