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Removing an improperly formatted child domain

Currently, I have one domain controller called abc.com.my and I have created a child domain, test.abc.com.my. Unfortunately, someone has formatted the child domain server without demoting it first. I need to remove this 'child' domain so that I can add a new one (that holds the same name as the last). What should I do in the domain controller server?
I have seen this situation often actually. Various causes deleting domains DCs, removing connectivity from disaster recovery sites, and just plain DCs that won't demote properly. There is a step-by-step that works well: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/230306/EN-US/

Read carefully and step slowly through each step. I have done it several times and it always works as long as you follow the steps cautiously. So turn off the cell phone and lock the door before you start. Also, make sure that directory replication is working prior to starting the procedure. REPLMON from the Windows 2000 resource kit is handy for this.

Paul Hinsberg

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