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Removing multiple MSX accounts using a batch file

In an NT4.0 domain and MSX 5.5, how would I remove multiple MSX accounts using a batch file? Can it be done without using third-party software?
The Exchange 5.5 Administrator Tool has command-line options that can be used to delete mailboxes. It takes some practice, so make sure you test in a lab first. Instructions for command-line switches are in online help (for Exchange 5.5) in the References section under "command line switches."

You'll want to learn to use the export switch (/e) and the import switch (/i). You'll also want to use the /o option that permits use of a "directory import options file" -- and you will need to include the "DeleteNTAccounts=Yes" entry if you want to delete the associated NT account when you delete the mailbox.

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