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Renaming Exchange 2003 admin groups after consolidating Exchange 5.5 sites

Learn how to properly rename Exchange 2003 admin groups after consolidating your Exchange 5.5 sites.

I am working on a migration from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003. We are consolidating 63 sites into seven admin groups. The names of the future admin groups will be different from the names of the actual sites.

Do you see any problem with renaming the admin groups after consolidation? Do you think it would be better to create the new admin groups and then move mailboxes into them?

You can rename the admin groups through the Exchange System Manager interface. I did some looking, and I noticed that the legacyExchangeDN on objects viewed through ADSIEDIT still show the old admin group. You could consider scripting the update to the legacyExchangeDN field, since some things might still refer to it.

For example, I believe in Exchange 2000, one time I tried to create a Recipient Update Service policy tied to an admin group. That would not work, because it would still reference the old legacyExchangeDN. That was in Exchange 2000, but things like that could still come back to bite the decision.

When I viewed the configuration information, it appeared correct and everything worked on my test systems.

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