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Replacing Windows default client with secureCRT pop-up

I work for a large ISP that is constantly expanding and adding new devices on the network. DNS records are kept up to date but currently I have to go through and build templates one by one for secureCRT for all the new devices. Is there any way from CMD.exe on XP Pro that I could type telnet timbukto.rtr1 and have secureCRT pop-up instead of the Windows default client? I have seen articles on replacing Win2000 telnet.exe with NT telnet.exe. I have tried to create a shortcut and even renamed crt.exe to telnet.exe and placed it in the /windows/system32/dllcache/ and /windows/system32/ directories to no avail. Please let me know if there is any way this can be done.

Thank You,
The Windows File Protection will use the files in the DLLCache only after a reboot. This generally applies to when you have manually updated the file. I would try this:
  1. Delete TELNET.exe from the DLLCache folder
  2. Copy CRT.EXE to TELNET.EXE in the DLLCache folder
  3. Reboot the system
  4. Check that the TELNET.EXE in DLLCache is your renamed CRT.exe
  5. Check that the TELNET.EXE in the System folder is now the renamed CRT.exe
  6. If the system folder still has the old version, but the DLLCache has the renamed CRT you can safely replace the TELNET.exe in the System folder and it will not revert back to the old TELNET program.

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