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Restoring FAT32; changing folder name

I recently reinstalled Win2000 and in the process did two things wrong. I let it reformat my second drive to NTFS. I would like to restore FAT32. What is simplest and best way? Also, I typed my name wrong and now I have a folder with this incorrect name. When I try to change it I am told this is not possible. Can I correct this? Thanks.
Unfortunately, you cannot go back to FAT32 from NTFS once you have done a conversion. You'll have to reinstall and reformat the drive. I'm assuming the folder that you're talking about is the one tied to your user account in C:\Documents and Settings\ The easiest way to fix this is to log on in as the administrator, create a new account with the correct name, and copy the files from your old folder into the new folder using Windows Explorer. Again, you must do this from the Administrator account.

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