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Restoring a crashed Exchange server

I've been working for 4 days and nights now to get my Exchange 2000 server up and running. None of the steps I take bring any results. What happened: Our Exchange Server 2000 SP3 crashed (member server in Win2K domain). We couldn't do a disaster recovery because our backup wasn't complete. The only things we had were the Priv1 files and Pub1 files of Exchange. (A few years ago we migrated from Win2K with Exchange 5.5 to Win2K with Exchange 2000 SP3.) We reinstalled Exchange 2000 SP3 again on the same machine and hardware and tried to mount the original information stored in pub and priv again. It doesn't work because its complaining that the /o=organization name doesn't match between the new installation and the information store. There was no way we could type the InfoPart Automatisering B.V. text again for the organization because of the new naming conventions in Exchange 2000, even when first installing Exchange 5.5 and then upgrading doesn't bring the solution.

The messages I get are:
The information store could not be loaded because the distinguished name (DN) /O=INFOPART AUTOMATISERING B.V./OU=INFOPART/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN= of message database "InfoPart Automatisering B.V.Mailbox Store (EXCH2K-01)" does not match the DN of directory /O=INFOPART AUTOMATISERING BV/OU=INFOPART/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=.

The database may have been restored to a computer that is in an organization or site different than the original database.

Could you please give me your professional opinion on this issue? Is there a solution, or must we lose the valuable information that was stored inside the information stores?
It sounds like you have tried everything that I would have suggested. Installing a fresh Exchange 5.5 with the same Org, Site and computer name would have been my best suggestion for resolving this, but it sounds like that did not work for you. If the data is needed, you might want to call Microsoft PSS and see if their support engineers have any ideas, undocumented processes or other tricks that might be able to get your database mounted so you can get to the data.

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