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Restoring an NTBACKUP file from one Exchange server to another

SearchExchange.com expert David Sengupta shares the best method for restoring an NTBACKUP file from one Exchange server to another Exchange server on a separate domain controller and in a different geographic location.

I have two different Exchange servers geographically separated; each is a distinct domain controller and both replicate over Active Directory. How can I restore an NTBACKUP file from one Exchange server to the other?

Presently I just get errors such as: "Failed to find a database to restore to from the Microsoft Active Directory. Storage Group specified on the backup media is d89beb65-c7f2-4ad3-8917-980d20c57102." This leads me to believe that, as designed, the backup may only work when restored to the same system. Is that correct?

I can't tell from your question what version of Exchange Server you're running. I'm assuming you have Exchange Server 2003, in which case I strongly recommend you consider using recovery storage groups (RSGs) to perform your NTBACKUP recovery.

Exchange Server recovery storage groups are described in detail in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 824126: How to use recovery storage groups in Exchange Server 2003.

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