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Restoring data to another Exchange server information store

Learn how to restore Microsoft Exchange 2000 public and private folder data to another Exchange server information store.

I have a query about how to restore/recover a Microsoft Exchange 2000 server public and private folder to another Exchange server information store. My server SCSI drive is damaged and I can't re-install or repair. I used ESEUTIL.EXE to check and repair the said databases, but it's not working. Is there any third-party tool to recover all old mail and addresses to the new Exchange server?
Sounds like you're in a pickle. Well the standard response would be to restore from backup, but I'm assuming from your question that you weren't making backups. If that's a correct assumption, then first of all, put in that requisition to acquire some good Exchange-aware backup software. Then, have a look at an Exchange recovery solution.

Since your ESEUTIL exercise failed, there's a chance that these tools may not be able to read your database either. If that's the case, and if you really need the mail, then you're left with having to take the database into a forensic recovery company to see if they can get the data out. That's typically pretty pricey, but it may be your only option.


He could try Ontrack Data Recovery's PowerControls software. There is a free trial version that will let him know if it is recoverable.
—Arthur E.

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