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Restoring user accounts and mailbox links in Active Directory

Find out the best way to restore user accounts and mailbox links in Active Directory in Windows Server 2003.

A colleague of mine accidently deleted an entire organizational unit from Active Directory in Windows Server 2003 that contained 100 user accounts. We've used the AdRestore utility on one of the accounts and it restored the user account, but didn't restore the mailbox links. What's the best way to fully restore these accounts and still retain each user's mailbox link?
Once you restore the mailbox with AdRestore you should be able to reconnect the mailbox from inside Exchange System Manager. After you see the mailbox show up with a red X beside it, right-click the mailbox and choose reconnect. You should be able to perform this operation in bulk as well. Going forward, you may want to invest in an Active Directory recovery tool.

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