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Restricting Internet access to those with e-mail

I want to restrict Internet access to those who have e-mail. We run Server 2000 and Exchange Server. Our Internet access is via ADSL router (Nokia M1122), which connects to our Exchange Server. The default gateway is our server address rather than the router. Ideally, I would like to restrict by user login as we use a generic login for temp staff - i.e., they all use the same username and password.
Your best bet is to install a firewall and restrict all ports but 25 for SMTP and 110 for POP. This still gives everyone access, but only using an e-mail client. Thus Internet access is limited to e-mail only. If you want to grant those with e-mail access to Web access as well, then you need a firewall with user authentication capabilities. Microsoft's ISA Server (Internet Security and Acceleration Server) has this, as well as many other high-end commercial firewall products.

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