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Restricting students' access through Group Policy

Through Group Policy, we have disabled CMD from showing and disabled students' viewing access to any drives on the local workstations (Win2000/XP). Currently, the students use VB scripts and NeroBurning Software to view the C Drive and also create .bat files through Notepad to run netsend messages. Is there a way to restrict their access? No one I have seen yet has thanked you for you time and efforts. Thank you.
Contrary to popular belief, there aren't too many Group Policy settings that can help you here. There are, however, many 3rd part products that can help with this task. One way to achieve this is to work with a custom shell other than Explorer. To do this, you'll have to do a little legwork to see if there are any programs you would rather prefer to have as the shell. Heck, you could simply have "Notepad.exe" or "Calc.exe" as a shell if it met your needs (though, in your case, probably not.) Anyhow, to make a custom shell change, check out User Configuration | Administrative Templates |System | Custom user interface.

PS: You're welcome... thanks for the thanks!

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