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Restricting users from accessing the C drive

Expert Jeremy Moskowitz advises a reader on how to use Group Policy to allow users access to the My Documents folder, but not the C drive.

We use roaming profiles for our workstations. We would like the following configuration: Workstations can access My Documents but cannot access the C drive. Initially, this seemed to be easy. But I found out that some of our employees have been double-clicking on the Programs folder in the Start Menu and then, after the Explorer window popped up, they would create a shortcut and it would let them execute any file in the HDD. We cannot completely disallow access to the C drive because if we did they wouldn't have access to the My Documents folder. We're stuck. Any help is appreciated

I'm not sure if this will 100% work for you, but keep restricting the C drive, but simply use Folder Redirection to redirect the My Documents folder to the network. Because things aren't being preserved on the C drive anymore (because they're now being redirected to the network) you may get what you're after.

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