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Restructure/merge domain to a single NT 4 domain

Our company is going to merge with another company, resulting in one new organization. We are both using Windows...

NT 4 and we both have a single domain. Between the domains is a full trust.

We would like to restructure/merge our domain to a single NT 4 domain. What is the best way to accomplish this? Can you tell me where I can find information about this topic?

Domain consolidation is a tedious and tricky business. You will have to select one of the domains or build a brand new domain and migrate users from both businesses into the new domain. In either case, you will have the issue of file and folder permissions on servers and workstations. In addition, you well also have a variety of other issues based on SID changes that will occur when you migrate users. FastLane technologies and NetIQ are a couple of companies that I know of that have tools to assist with exactly these types of migrations. While either one of these will help you with a large percentage of the work, you will still have some fall-out as far as user profiles are concerned.

You may want to take the opportunity to build an Active Directory Domain using Windows 2000, if you have plans to move in that direction. It will offer you opportunities to improve the structure and layout of the domains. Of course there will be more planning and transition time required so you will have to determine if this fits into you time requirements.

This was last published in June 2001

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