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Review Exchange public folder permission level of all customers

You need to extract Exchange Server public folder permissions and review permission the levels of customers. Exchange security expert Richard Luckett recommends a few tools to help you get the job done.

We are using Exchange 5.5 and would like to export the calendar properties to an Excel spreadsheet for the purpose of reviewing the permission level of all of our customers. We have been unable to find a tool that will allow this to happen. Do you have any way to accomplish this task? Our final goal is to see who has 'None' as the default permission level. Any help would be appreciated.
If the calendar is a public folder then you can use the PFADMIN tool as outlined in this Knowledge Base article, XADM: Extracting Public Folder permissions using PFADMIN.

Queue article XADM: Move Server Wizard does not update mailbox folder permissions references a tool called MBInfo which says "The information that you extract with MBInfo provides a list of mailboxes. You can determine if permission and delegate settings are correct for these mailboxes, and if they are not, you can either re-apply the appropriate settings or notify users that they may need to re-apply these settings themselves."

You will have to contact Microsoft PSS to obtain this tool.

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