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Revised Outlook out-of-office (OOF) messages don't update in OWA

If Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA) display different out-of-office (OOF) messages, Cached Exchange Mode may be to blame.

I enter my out-of-office (OOF) message in Microsoft Outlook and it updates correctly in Outlook Web Access (OWA). However, when I go to change my OOF message in Outlook, OWA never gets updated with the revised OOF message; it sends an out-dated OOF message. Do you know how I can fix this?

The OOF message is stored on the Exchange server, not within the mail client. Therefore, Outlook and OWA should see the same version of the out-of-office message. If they do not, as you've indicated, then it is possible that you are running Microsoft Outlook in cached or offline mode. Verify that the Exchange server is online, and disable cached mode as a test.

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