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Roaming profiles don't update, can't access user profile folders

My server is NT4 SP6; workstations are Win2k Pro SP2. The profiles folder has NTFS change permissions applied to the users. Admin is full control.

The problem is that the roaming profiles don't update, but are created on the server and are empty. Although Administrators have full control (share/NTFS) on the PROFILES folder, they can't access any user profile folders.

I have found a workaround at the cost of security. If I add the Everyone group with full control on the PROFILES share permissions, the roaming profiles are created but admin still can't access it.

I hope this is clear. Any suggestions?

When the user logs off, the CopyProfileDirectory

Users need full control of their profile folders. Thus, you should allow them full control on the share. Also, configure the NTFS permissions on each user's profile folder so that he/she has full control of it but not other user's profile folders. Give administrators full control across the board. To summarize, in each profile folder, use the following permissions:

Administrators: Full Control
%USERNAME%: Full Control
SYSTEM: Full Control

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