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Rogue DHCP servers

I have a W2k server and set DHCP up on it. I had a Novell server doing my DHCP. However, I disabled it on Novell and enabled it on W2k server. I am getting IP conflicts but no domain server available errors. None of my clients are static so DHCP does all addressing. I have an internal class B license scheme setup with a subnet. I have servers and printers in a range of and users If I reenable the Novell server, all is ok. However, if I start using W2k, I get the above mentioned errors. I deleted the scope and DHCP database then recreated them. What could be causing my problems?

Windows 2000 DHCP includes a feature that prevents setting up "rogue" DHCP servers. If you have an Active Directory domain, the most likely cause of the problem is a failure to authorize the DHCP server.

In the DHCP Management console, right-click the server icon and select Authorize from the flyout menu. This puts a special object in Active Directory. The DHCP server checks for the existence of this object before enabling the scopes.

If you have authorized the server, or you do not have an Active Directory domain, then you might have neglected to active the scope. Right-click the scope and select Activate from the flyout menu.

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