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Rule to forward email to a BlackBerry works sporadically

A forwarding rule set up to send a copy of an email to a BlackBerry device is working sporadically. Get troubleshooting tips from our BlackBerry expert.

We set up a forwarding rule to send a copy of an email to a user's Blackberry device on our Exchange 2003 Windows Small Business Server. The forwarding rule seems to have stopped working properly. Only email sent internally reach the Blackberry (plus the odd external email).

I have tried forwarding to another external email independent of a Blackberry, but I get the same results. Do you have any suggestions?

It's difficult to comprehensively comment given the information provided so far. There could be one of a number of reasons why this is failing in your environment. The reference to an 'odd' email suggests that the unexpected behavior is sporadic in nature. As a rule of thumb, start with an analysis of the BlackBerry Messaging Agent logs with help from the appropriate technical support representative.

As an alternative, or as complementary information, you could also provide a copy of a 'good' message and 'bad' message in .MSG format for inspection. You can do this by locating the messages in Microsoft Outlook and then select File -> Save As.

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