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Running Exchange 5.5 on a PDC

We are currently running Exchange 5.5 SP4/ NT4 SP6a on an older Dell server. We have some new equipment in house and, as a temporary measure, we need to move the Exchange server to a newer -- and hopefully more trustworthy -- box. In the same breath, we also want to get rid of an older Compaq that we're using as a PDC. What are the best practices concerning Exchange 5.5 running on a primary domain controller/backup domain controller? My understanding is that having a PDC and Exchange server on the same machine was not a good idea. The new server would be Windows 2000.
You are correct. Running Exchange on the same machine as an NT 4.0 PDC or BDC, or on the same machine as a Windows 2000/2003 domain controller (DC), is not recommended.

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