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Running Outlook 97 on Exchange Server 2003

Is there any danger in running Outlook 97 if the Exchange server is upgraded to Exchange Server 2003?
This is a two-fold question. I am always concerned about running clients that have reached end of life -- I believe the Outlook 97 support from Microsoft ended sometime in 2001. That aside, running unsupported clients, I would also consider a CDO update in addition to my previous comment.

I have found Exchange 2003 across many Outlook clients seems to function better if you also include at least this version of CDO on the Exchange server:

Exchange Server 2000 Service Pack 3 or later with CDO version 6.0.6487.2 or later.

Exchange Server 2003 with CDO version 6.5.6980.3 or later.

Or you can utilize the CDO update provided in Exchange 2003 SP1.

Finally, Outlook 97 doesn't contain mechanisms to block attachments -- the same way Outlook 2000 SP2 and above does. So, if you need to utilize the Outlook security template (client security features), those donn't exist in Outlook 97.

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