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Running old version of server extensions

I recently installed Internet Information Services (IIS) on a new server running Win2k. I can access my Web site, but when I try to set up the server extensions for my site, there is a message telling me that I am running an old version of extensions. I am instructed to go to tasks and upgrade extensions. When I do this, I get the following message: "There is no web named". I've searched for help and can't find any answers. This is my first try at setting up a Web site. Please help! What do I have to do to resolve this problem?
FrontPage extensions are terrible, aren't they?

They can be very complicated to troubleshoot. Unfortunately, I was unable to find anyone that had written a troubleshooting guide for them. I haven't done troubleshooting for them in a few years, because they have gotten much better.

First, make sure that you have all the latest patches. If the problem continues, uninstall the existing FrontPage extensions using add/remove Windows components and then reinstall them. If that doesn't fix your problem, I would backup your IIS configuration and reinstall all of IIS.

Sorry I don't have a more elegant answer -- it is possible to troubleshoot the extensions without removing them, but digging through the FrontPage configuration settings would be impossible for me to document well. Hope it helps anyway.

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