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Running out of space on the c: partition

Last year we upgraded Windows NT 4 to Windows 2000 Server. Windows NT 4 had the c: partition limitation of 2Gb. We have now running out of space on the c: partition. The physical drive is 8Gb. Is there an easy way to increase the size of this partition?

There's an "easy" way and a "safe" way. The "safe" way is to:


1. Do a complete backup of the two partitions


2. Wipe the drive and repartition


3. Reinstall the OS


4. Recover the two partitions from tape


The "easy" way, one that is not supported by Microsoft, is to use a partition management tool. I'm most familiar with Partition Magic from PowerQuest but there are others such as System Commander. These tools can dynamically resize a partition. Be absolutely sure you have a good backup (or image) of the two partitions before you resize them. It's not uncommon to have the machine stop working after the partition has been resized. Also, make sure you use the most current version of the partition management tool so that it is compatible with the NTFS 5 file system in Windows 2000.

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