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SMB signing becomes funky after an SP4 install

I installed SP4 on my Win2k Member Server. Now I can not connect to MSN to get Windows updates and I can't connect to Network Associates for my Virus protection updates. When I say can't connect it just slowly clocks for ever and never completes. What is interesting is that I can connect to my ISP, Bank, and School... but the response time is extremely slow! It experienced a Memory Dump last night so I booted to the Last know good configuration.

Also, my Router line is showing plenty of activity and the other '98 machines are able to connect no problem with excellent response times. Have you heard of this issue with SP4, or is my machine just destined for a full OS re-install?
I've run into a few cases where SMB signing became fluky after an SP4 install -- try disabling it in your domain GPO or on the machine's Local Security Policy under Computer ConfigurationWindows SettingsSecurity SettingsLocal PoliciesSecurity Options.

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