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SMS installer won't work with 64-bit Vista's HKLM Registry key

Learn what admins should do if the SMS installer wont work with 64-bit Windows Vista HKLM Registry key.

I am using the SMS installer for software distribution. But it does not support 64-bit Windows Vista. The specific issue I have is the inability to read/write from the HKLM Registry key. Since the OS knows it is a 32-bit app, it redirects all access to the HKLM Registry key to the "legacy" hive (wow6432node). Is there a workaround, or a patch?
If the software is only 32-bit, it can only write to the 32-bit legacy hive, and not to the 64-bit HKLM Registry. This is, as far as I know, a limitation of the software that can only be addressed by porting it to a 64-bit edition. I'd contact the authors of the software and ask them if a 64-bit edition is planned at any time.

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