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SQL 7.0 exams versus SQL 2000 for MCDBA certification

When will SQL 7.0 exams be retired or replaced by SQL 2000? I have an MCSE and am planning on MCDBA certification. Should I take SQL 7.0 exams or wait for SQL 2000 exams?
The SQL 2000 exams are numbered 70-228 and 70-229. They're already available by visiting www.microsoft.com/trainingandservices and clicking the left-hand certifications and MCSE entries. When the MCSE page comes up, click the right-hand MCSE requirements menu, read the page, and click on the electives hyperlink. On the resulting page, you'll find pointers to both of these exams. I don't know when Microsoft will retire the SQL 7.0 exams but since they were only introduced last year, I'd expect them to last some time into 2002 before they go. As to which version you should take, if you use SQL Server at work, take the exam for the version you work with. If you don't work with it every day, take the SQL Server 2000 exams because they will last the longest.

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