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STC W2k migration project

As a part of STC W2k migration project, we need recommendations for the following issues:

1. STC has a complex and big environment that makes it difficult to determine how many machines need upgrading to W2k. This number will affect our mass deployment plan. We want to know if there is any tool that can give us full inventory of STC machines (machine numbers, HW/SW inventory) regardless if the machines are joined by a specific domain or not.
2. We need a time estimation of deploying W2k desktop such as how much time taken by one person per one machine, and how many machines can be done per day, per person. We will do a clean installation through CD images and backing up user data in a specific file server.

1.Most inventory software is presented as a long term solution. Stuff like Microsoft?s SMS, Novadigm Radia Integration systems and others are generally built to be deployed and help you manage your inventory on a regular basis. There may be some ping or network tools that you can utilize.

2.This is about a couple of hours per machine with a person doing multiple machines (about three) at a time. It is dependent on how well the users? were organizing their data. Most standard users are unfamiliar with where their data is really being stored. As a result, there is not much help when trying to back it up temporarily when you are rebuilding their machine.

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