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Save all users' mailboxes as .PST files

My company has Windows 2003 Small Business Server with Exchange and 10 users. I want to take all users' mailboxes as .PST files from the server. Is this possible?
The simplest way to perform this operation is using the EXMERGE utility, which can be downloaded from Microsoft Web site.

  1. Place the Exmerge utility in the \Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin and execute to perform an ad-hoc export.
  2. Select Extract or Import (two-step procedure).
  3. On the next dialog, select Step 1.
  4. On the next screen, supply the name of your Exchange server.
  5. To make additional selection restrictions, you can click Options (for example, if you only wanted messages from a specific time period). 6. On the next dialog, select the Exchange database from which you want to export data.
  6. Next, choose the mailboxes you wish to export data from.
  7. Select the Language and pick the destination folder you wish to export to.
  8. Make sure you have sufficient disk space.
  9. Save these settings in the next dialog, so that you can run the program later in batch mode. The export process will begin.

When finished, you will have exported all of the mailbox data into .PST files. You can automate the process by running Exmerge in batch mode. Review the Exmerge documentation for more information.

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