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Secondary controller can't access primary controller

My company is running two servers in a badly configured domain (I inherited it). Recently, the secondary controller lost access to the primary controller. They can ping each other but when I try to connect to a shared drive on the primary from the secondary I get the following error message. "F: is not available. The target account name is incorrect." Any suggestions?
When something inexplicable like this happens, the first place I look is DNS name resolution and Active Directory replication. Use the dcdiag and netdiag tools (available from the Support Tools folder on the installation CD) to determine if your two domain controllers are replicating correctly. If not, you can use the output from these tools to determine the point of failure. You should also check the Application, System and Directory Services log in the Event Viewer of each domain controller to look for more information.

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Recovering domain controllers after a server disk failure When recovering domain controllers after a system volume failure, it is important to remember that each domain controller in the domain shares a replicated copy of the Active Directory database. When you restore a backup of a domain controller, Windows will use a process called backfilling to bring the domain controller's Active Directory database back up to date. Essentially, this means looking at the most recent change that was made to the newly restored domain controller's copy of the Active Directory database and then replicating all subsequent changes from another domain controller. The backfilling process happens automatically, so you don't have to do anything except wait for it to complete. There are, however, a couple of situations in which a normal domain controller restoration is not an option. Learn special procedures for recovering domain controllers in this tip.

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