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Security in a mixed Exchange environment

We are running Microsoft Exchange in a mixed environment. Before, we had two Exchange 5.5 servers. One was keeping the mailboxes and the other was being used for active voice server for the IP telephony. Now we have added one more Exchange 2003 server; all the mailboxes have been shifted to this new server. All the servers are within the same site. The first server is running Norton Antivirus for Exchange. The new Exchange Server 2003 has a Symantec antivirus client installed for Windows, but we also need to install Symantec Mail Security for Exchange. I would like to know if this installation will affect any other Exchange servers.
I always encourage administrators to implement a layered antivirus solution which includes gateway, information store, and desktop scanning. It sounds like you are doing gateway and information store scans. I would hope that you also include an antivirus product at the desktop.

I feel that your question might best be answered by Symantec tech support. However, my experience with antivirus software is that each product is Exchange version specific. So as long as you have the correct version of the antivirus for Exchange 5.5, 2000 or 2003, respectively, you can run two different antivirus products on two different servers even within the same organization.

The only problem I can foresee is additional complexity when administrating different versions. You must be careful to administer each server with the product-specific administrator tool and avoid the temptation to administer all of your servers with the same antivirus management tool, as many of them include "enterprise" management capabilities.

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