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Security warning issues when using Word as Outlook's text editor

Is there a way to prevent the security warning, "An external application is trying to access your Outlook Address Book"? This happens to users who use Microsoft Word as their text editor in Outlook.

I understand that this is a result of the Outlook e-mail security that was added in Outlook 2002 SP3. I also understand that there is a way around it using Exchange administrative options to set up a security form in a public folder.

We would prefer not to use that option. Our workaround has been to stop using Word as the Outlook text editor, but is there anything else that can be done on the users' computers so they can still use Word as their editor?

This function was designed to protect desktops against virus attacks. I recommend installing Outlook Security Features Administrative Package.

Another option is to run the admpack from the Office Resource Kit CD. To install it, run the admpack.exe. from the folder FilesPFilesORKToolsORK10ToolsAdmpack . There are some third-party programs that allow you to bypass this warning, but I do not recommend them because they defeat Microsoft's purpose.

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