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Self-study program for Win2K Accelerated Exam (70-240)

I want to pass the Win2K Accelerated Exam (70-240) but I don't have the time or money to take an instructor-led course. I need a good self-study program. I know there are several to choose from but none of them seem to involve much hands-on practice. Can you recommend a study guide or kit that has good, in-depth lab exercises as well as practice exams?

I'd recommend using materials for the individual Win2K core exams --namely, 70-210 Professional, 70-215 Server, 70-216 Network Infrastructure, and 70-217 Directory Services -- to prepare instead of an all-in-one 70-240 preparation guide. Microsoft recommends you take this approach and you'll need those materials anyway if you take 70-240 and do not pass. FYI, the word on the street is that under 40% of candidates pass that test so study as hard as you can stand to, and work through double your usual number of practice exams to make SURE you're good and ready. If you do pass, you save $400 so it's worth the extra expense for practice exams.

You can check out recommended materials at Amazon (read the reader reviews), and visit prep sites like cramsession.brainbuzz.com to get good lists of study and prep materials.

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