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Sending automatic reminders to users from a public folder calendar

SearchExchange.com expert Patricia Guerrero explains how to make a public folder calendar a user's default Outlook calendar, and how to send automatic notifications to users about expired public folder calendar items and tasks.

I have Exchange public folders working. I had contacts and calendar working on it. The only problem is the reminder on the calendar. How can I put the calendar to notify each user, or selected users, when any task or calendar is expired? Is there a way to set the public folder on the calendar as my default calendar in Outlook?
Change the startup folder under the general settings. Go to Tools -> Options -> Other -> Advanced, and browse for the calendar that you want to display. When you open Outlook, the calendar will open by default and remind users of their tasks. Only the default calendar will send automatic reminders.


You can't set a public folder as a start-up folder. Outlook (and I checked 2002 and 2003) will only let you browse to your own mailbox folders or personal folders.
—Rachel M.


You cannot set up a public folder as a start-up, but you should be able to browse public folders if you have the correct permissions.
— Patricia Guerrero, Clients and Mobility Expert

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